How to avoid the "senior slide"

It’s easy to "slack off" during senior year—or to get overwhelmed with all the craziness of planning life after graduation. But don’t worry! Senior year can be a great opportunity to finish high school strong. All it takes is some planning and prioritizing. This free eBook, from the college and career readiness experts at ACT®, can help by giving you useful tips for making the last year of high school count. You’ll learn:
  • Which courses you need to be ready before graduation
  • How to turn your time outside the classroom (sports, arts, volunteering) into financial aid
  • The people to see—and questions to ask—during college visits
  • How to decide which college or university is right for you (and how to pay for it)
  • The biggest mistakes students make when applying for college (and how to avoid them)
  • How to find a career path outside of college

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