The Junior Year Crunch: Take Your Planning to the Next Level!

Your junior year of high school is crucial for laying the groundwork for life after graduation. This FREE guide from the experts at ACT answers all the essential questions that will help you chart a successful course to your future… wherever you’re headed!

Download to learn how to:
  • Set your priorities for junior year
  • Choose extracurriculars that showcase your skills
  • Develop a two-year plan to prepare for the next step
  • Discover a career that fits your interests
  • Cover college expenses
  • Identify your strengths using the ACT
  • Build relationships and grow your network
  • Work with your counselor to make sure you're college ready

Making big decisions about your future is a big deal. This guide can help you manage the workload (and the stress) to put you on the path to success. Download it now!

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