ACT International Computer-Based Testing Information

You may have heard about the ACT test moving to a computer-based format internationally. There is no need to panic! This solution will help us provide better service for our test takers, including:

  • More testing opportunities—with up to 6 per testing windows offered per year
  • Faster score turnaround—scores for non-writing sections will be available within 2 business days
  • Longer registration windows, and late registration availability
  • Ability to type answers to writing test

Computer-Based Practice Tests

Learn how to navigate the test in the Getting Started with the ACT Test tutorial. You must use Google Chrome as your browser for the practice tests to launch properly.

 Timed CBT Practice Tests  Untimed CBT Practice Tests
 English  English
 Mathematics  Mathematics
 Reading  Reading
 Science  Science
 Writing  Writing

Factsheet: Tools to Help You Succeed on the ACT CBT

See a Demonstration of the Computer-Based ACT

Myths & Facts About ACT CBT

Myths Facts
CBT is a completely different testing experience. While computer-based ACT testing is a new format, the content of the test itself WILL NOT CHANGE. It's simply a new, more efficient way to take the test. Examinees will still take the test in a proctored test environment. The good news is they'll receive scores much faster and have more opportunities to test.
Preparing for the paper exam is different from preparing for the CBT. Not at all! First of all, the best way to prepare for the ACT is taking rigorous courses and studying hard at school. Also, all previously existing free and paid ACT test prep tools--like ACT Academy, PreACT, ACT Online Prep, or The Official ACT Prep Guide--will fully prepare you for the content of the test. Best of all, CBT practice tests are now available so you can get the full CBT test prep experience!
ACT CBT is an adaptive test. The CBT version of the ACT test is a linear test, just like the paper-based version. The content and scoring of the test is not changing.
My region won't have a CBT testing center. ACT is working with international partners to secure test center locations in every region of the globe, and we'll continue this rollout after the CBT launches in September. You can find test center near you when you register to take the test.
Universities won't accept CBT scores, at least not right away, because it's a new format. All colleges and universities that have accepted ACT scores will continue to accept scores from the CBT version.
The first CBT administrations should be avoided so ACT can work out the bugs. ACT has been conducting trial test administrations to solve problems and ensure a smooth rollout when the CBT version launches in September, checking the software, hardware, and processes necessary for a smooth transition to CBT.
Students won't have enough time to prepare for the CBT version. The CBT version of the ACT test will launch in September 2018, which gives students plenty of time to take CBT practice tests to get used to the format and other test prep to get familiar with the content.
Students can't take notes on a CBT version (test paper markup/annotation). The CBT ACT lets students flag questions to review or answer later, as well as tools like the answer eliminator and answer masking to visually remove answers you know are incorrect. Scratch paper will also be available for CBT users, just like the paper exam.
If my test center loses power or technology malfunctions, my score will be affected. ACT test centers have the technology to save your progress and return to the test, if possible, should a power outage or other technology malfunction occur. All data related to your ACT test progress is continuously downloaded to a locally based computer into a cache in case mishaps occur.
I won't be able to review my answers even if I finish early. The CBT ACT has navigation tools to let you review your reponses within the subject test you're currently taking, if you have extra time. (You will not be able to review once time is up and cannot return to a previous subject test once the test is finished.)
There isn't an extended-time option for accommodations. Extended time is included if the examinee meets accommodations criteria, along with other accommodations as necessary.
My religious beliefs make it impossible for me to test on the weekend (Sabbath). ACT test centers will host tests on Friday mornings, in addition to Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Saturday evenings to accommodate examinees' schedules.